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One Antonio

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Makati City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 52 sqm - 66 sqm
Price Range: Php 10.9 M - 14.2 M


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One Antonio By Avida Land

Ever experience a low-density, low rise (only 6 stories), condo-village type and uniquely designed residential community in the affluent Makati City? The One Antonio residential condominium will give you exactly like that.

The One Antonio, a T-shaped tower is Avida Land’s distinct residential development characterized by a secured and village-like living in the middle of the serene San Antonio Village (the address of Makati’s elite), specifically along Sacred Heart St., Makati City. Avida Land values natural and green spaces to create more relaxed minds and clean souls.

Here at the site, 60% of its land area is dedicated to common spaces with verdant and refreshing environment to cleanse the aching body from stress and exhaustion of work. One Antonio is sublime yet alive and active, it’s not like you’re living in a highly-urbanized area, but closer to nature. The project is perfectly situated within life’s necessities such as schools, medical institutions, churches, shopping and entertainment centers and some of the country’s iconic landmarks (such as the Makati CBD) and so much more.

One Antonio is a residential and low-rise condominium located in San Antonio, Makati City. This condominium is currently in pre-selling status and is being developed by Avida Land, one of the premier real estate developers in the country. This new project has a target turnover date of December 2018. One Antonio is a distinct project from Avida Land as it is a low-rise condominium with only 6 storeys; but it also features a low-density design so you can maximize your space and enjoy your privacy.

Aside from a typical condominium, Avida Land is planning to develop a condo-village wherein the residents can enjoy an exclusive lifestyle. It has village-like features that you will enjoy most, especially for those who are new to the condo living experience. It is tucked on a quiet corner of San Antonio village so you can enjoy a private and homey atmosphere, free from all the chaos of traffic and noise. Despite being tucked in an exclusive location, you will be delighted to know that this condominium is within a few minutes’ drive from the Makati Central Business District area. As for the master-planned layout, about 60% of the land where the condominium tower is built on will be used for open and green spaces development.

Avida Land, as mentioned above, is one of the top real estate developers in the country. With the unveiling of one of their latest projects, One Antonio, they aim to redefine the concept of inspired living. The company has been known to develop secured and thoughtfully designed homes to the Filipino families and people. They make sure to tick the five boxes as far as the pillars of a great real estate community is concerned: location/accessibility, features and amenities, relaxed living experience, stress-free buying process, and quality assurance. Thus, you can expect all five pillars to be present in this new development. This also makes Avida Land the choice of developer for the middle class Filipinos.

The fact that One Antonio is located in Makati is enough to earn the attention of would-be condo buyers. It places you right at the heart of the country’s financial center. And yet, One Antonio promises to bring a sense of peaceful solitude such that you can proudly call this place home. Avida Land has done away with all of the stellar amenities and focused on the most important ones that will improve your quality of living.

There are three corners to the building and it will offer three street views: one is facing Sacred Heart Street, another facing Dao Street, and the other one is facing Bagtikan Street. Unlike what you would expect from a residential condominium in Makati, this one will have quiet street views so you can enjoy your peace and quiet. Meanwhile, there are two types of units available for purchase at One Antonio: a two-bedroom and three-bedroom unit.

A two-bedroom unit in One Antonio will have a floor area range of 52 to 60 square meters. The unit will feature a living area, dining area, kitchen, toilet and bathroom, master’s bedroom, one extra bedroom, and a spacious balcony. Meanwhile, the three-bedroom unit is suited for a growing family living in One Antonio. It offers more living space with 62 to 66 square meters in floor area. It will have the same features as the two-bedroom unit except that the master’s bedroom will have its own master toilet and bathroom, along with a more spacious balcony. The price range for the condominium units at One Antonio will start at PhP 8 million with the most expensive unit currently priced at PhP 10 million.

One Antonio features a typical T-shaped layout that enables residents to enjoy spacious single-loaded corridors. This is a typical design approach employed by modern developers and designers for condominiums in the big city. While many condo buyers seek after a great location, it should not come at the expense of your ability to enjoy eco-friendly design.

Hence, Avida Land has incorporated this idea when designing the layout for One Antonio. The T-shaped layout permits the addition of atriums and other green landscaped areas within the living spaces itself. At the same time, it facilitates in the flow of natural lighting and air, which also means a more eco-friendly maintenance for the entire building. When Avida Land promises a low-density design approach, they not only meant for the units in this condominium. They also meant the entire development area to ensure you can elevate the quality of living that you can enjoy on a day to day basis.

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One Antonio - Location & Vicinity

Located along Sacred Heart Street in San Antonio, Makati City, residents get to enjoy the more peaceful and quiet side while staying conveniently connected to all its comforts. At One Antonio, you’re just 2 kilometers from almost anything.

The location of One Antonio by Avida Land is going to be an enviable address. There are several professionals, students, and families who pick to live in Makati because of the ideal location. If you value accessibility, One Antonio is therefore a great option for you and your family.

Makati City is one of the cities that make up Metro Manila. It is financial center of the Philippines due to the concentration of businesses, financial centers, and offices that are headquartered here. In fact, many people from other parts of Metro Manila travel to Makati every day to go to work or school. However, by living in One Antonio, you can save on the travel time and hassle of dealing with the traffic as you get closer to these establishments.

As already mentioned, the condo-village is located in a quiet and residential part of Makati. Therefore, you can expect the streets to be less busy or noisy. At the same time, it is easily connected to the major roads and highways that you can easily get to other parts of Makati when you need to go out.

Speaking of being highly accessible, there are several commercial and business establishments that are located close to where One Antonio condominium is located in. For families living in One Antonio, there are plenty of schools located nearby within a kilometer or a little over the kilometer range. Some of the nearby schools in the area are CEU Makati, FEU Makati, Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, and the Asian Institute of Management. If you need medical and health services, Makati Medical Center is less than a kilometer away. There is also another mixed-use development in the area known as City Gate. This proves how this part of Makati is coveted by developers and property investors.

If you are looking for a shopping and leisure destination, you won’t have to travel far either as there are plenty within minutes away from One Antonio. Some of those that you could choose from that are close by are Ayala Triangle Gardens and Ayala Center. For those seeking other lifestyle activities, you will have an endless array available in Makati as it is considered as a lifestyle hub. The Makati Sports Club and the Makati Gold Club Driving Range are located nearby, which can be a good option for those seeking a new hobby.

The Makati Central Police headquarters is located half a kilometer away from One Antonio condominium. Hence, this should give you added sense of security knowing that the place is going to be crime-free. Another government office, the Makati Central Post Office is also located close by. Meanwhile, foreign embassies are headquartered in this area of Makati.

One Antonio’s located along Sacred Heart in Makati means that you can get to various destinations within a few minutes. Whether you choose to walk or drive, you will enjoy the accessibility offered by its ideal location near the Makati CBD area. And yet, it is located on the quieter side of Makati so you will still get the peaceful refuge that you seek.


  • CEU - Makati (600 m)
  • FEU - Makati (800 m)
  • Mapua Institute of Technology (1.2 km)
  • Ateneo Center for Continuing Ed (1.3 km)
  • Asian Institute of Management (1.9 km)


  • Makati Medical Center (900 m)


  • Shrine of the Sacred Heart (130 m)
  • St. Andrews The Apostle Church (1.5 km)

Sports Clubs

  • Makati Gold Club Driving Range (650 m)
  • Makati Sports Club (1.3 km)

Govt offices / Embassies

  • Makati Central Police HQ (500 m)
  • Makati Central Post Office (550 m)
  • Australia, Canada, Germany Embassies (900 m)
  • France Embassy (1.3 km)
  • Thailand Embassy (2 km)
One Antonio Location

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Ground Atrium


Open Lobby

Aerial View

Site Development Plan

Amenites Area

One Antonio - Features & Amenities

One Antonio by Avida Land in Makati City has a huge promise – it is a condo-village experience that is the first of its kind in Metro Manila. It features a unique layout and a low-density design so you can enjoy that exclusive lifestyle. Aside from the master-planned layout, there is also a wide range of facilities and amenities provided by Avida Land so you can pursue your ideal lifestyle right at the big city of Makati.

First on the list of amenities available at One Antonio are the open lawns and open pavilions. The developers are serious about their commitment to bring more lush spaces and refreshing greenery to the condominium development. Hence, they wanted to make this a priority in the development so you can wake up to the relaxing view of the greens around you. To allow you to maximize the beautiful greenery around you, there are plenty of outdoor seating area near the parks and gardens.

For families living in One Antonio, you have the perfect spot to bring your kids to in the children’s playground. This playground area is part of the green and open spaces in the condominium complex. It is therefore a great way to encourage your kids to stay active and get them to build social connections with other kids in the residence.

Another unique feature of One Antonio is the open lobby. Unlike most other condominiums in Metro Manila, this is the only one of its kind to offer an open lobby, which is consistent with its focus on environmentally friendly design. Along with the open lobby, the grand atrium is available in the middle of the single-loaded corridors. The atrium is also filled with plant boxes and seating area. This is the perfect spot to socialize or relax within the condominium.

The amenity area is completed with a wading pool and a kiddie swimming pool. This pool is surrounded by all of the green landscape, which makes you feel like in an exclusive resort. The swimming pool is the perfect spot to go to if you want to cool off in a hot summer’s day. The fitness area is also going to be one of the most notable amenities available at One Antonio. There is a fitness area that you can use to work out, do some exercises, and meditation. Meanwhile, there are also jogging paths that you can use to get some sweat going. With the green areas, it allows you to stay motivated as you do your jogging routine.

Finally, the 24-hour security is available at the One Antonio condominium. The safe and secure environment ensures that you can have the peace of mind that you deserve. As mentioned above, the area where the condominium is located in is also a peaceful part of Makati. It is considered a crime-free zone and is therefore suitable for raising your family in. The lobby and the entire premises are also monitored by security personnel to ensure your family’s safety within the condo-village.

  • Open Lawn
  • Open Pavilion
  • Jogging Path
  • Wellness Area
  • Wading Pool & Kiddie Pool
  • Playground
  • Fitness Area
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • Landscape Garden

One Antonio - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Two Bedroom ₱ 10,918,880 52 sqm - 60 sqm
Three Bedroom ₱ 14,291,200 62 sqm - 66 sqm

One Antonio - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Cash Payment
Reservation: Php 50,000
Discount: 10% Spot Cash Discount
Deferred Payment
Reservation: Php 50,000
Interest : 0%
Balance: Payable in 48 months
Bank Financing (2 Bedroom)
Reservation: Php 50,000
Interest : 0%
Downpayment: 20% payable in 36 months
Balance: 80% payable thru bank financing
Bank Financing (3 Bedroom)
Reservation: Php 50,000
Interest : 0%
Downpayment: 20% payable in 24 months
Balance: 80% payable thru bank financing

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Why You Should Invest In  One Antonio

Most Stable Economy

The financial district of Makati and the entire city as a whole are considered the most fortified regarding financial stability. The city’s CBD (Central Business District) is among the most respected in the entire nation. Here, hundreds of multinational and local companies are headquartered where great network of business conglomerates are actively transferring some of their wealth to the city thru taxes and other indirect means.

The city is gaining grounds with its investments on infrastructures, logistics, utilities, telecommunication and other similar projects that attract more businesses into its fold. Real estate industry is also contributing much to the city’s revenue where values appreciate beyond expectation during the last years.

Makati City is Ayala Country

Investing in the One Antonio Makati is like saving in a bank with high interest rate and a low-risk index. Avida Land is an Ayala Land subsidiary and Makati was built by the Ayalas. The growth and rise of Makati into the extreme is perceived to be the handiwork of the company.

The management style of the company rarely varies, it is only logical to think that Avida Land could handle any of its residential and office development projects the same as Ayala Land. You better tighten your seat belt for the soaring of your investment.

Great Demand for Shelter

The ever increasing exodus of people to Makati to work, conduct business and make investments leaving the city with a backlog in housing especially for professionals, expats, young families and other locators to the city. Locators want to live where their workplaces are and this type of investment (purchasing condo units) yields higher appreciation in a short period of time especially at the location like the One Antonio.

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