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Located along Sacred Heart Street in San Antonio, Makati City, residents get to enjoy the more peaceful and quiet side while staying conveniently connected to all its comforts. At One Antonio, you’re just 2 kilometers from almost anything.

The location of One Antonio by Avida Land is going to be an enviable address. There are several professionals, students, and families who pick to live in Makati because of the ideal location. If you value accessibility, One Antonio is therefore a great option for you and your family.

Makati City is one of the cities that make up Metro Manila. It is financial center of the Philippines due to the concentration of businesses, financial centers, and offices that are headquartered here. In fact, many people from other parts of Metro Manila travel to Makati every day to go to work or school. However, by living in One Antonio, you can save on the travel time and hassle of dealing with the traffic as you get closer to these establishments.

As already mentioned, the condo-village is located in a quiet and residential part of Makati. Therefore, you can expect the streets to be less busy or noisy. At the same time, it is easily connected to the major roads and highways that you can easily get to other parts of Makati when you need to go out.

Speaking of being highly accessible, there are several commercial and business establishments that are located close to where One Antonio condominium is located in. For families living in One Antonio, there are plenty of schools located nearby within a kilometer or a little over the kilometer range. Some of the nearby schools in the area are CEU Makati, FEU Makati, Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, and the Asian Institute of Management. If you need medical and health services, Makati Medical Center is less than a kilometer away. There is also another mixed-use development in the area known as City Gate. This proves how this part of Makati is coveted by developers and property investors.

If you are looking for a shopping and leisure destination, you won’t have to travel far either as there are plenty within minutes away from One Antonio. Some of those that you could choose from that are close by are Ayala Triangle Gardens and Ayala Center. For those seeking other lifestyle activities, you will have an endless array available in Makati as it is considered as a lifestyle hub. The Makati Sports Club and the Makati Gold Club Driving Range are located nearby, which can be a good option for those seeking a new hobby.

The Makati Central Police headquarters is located half a kilometer away from One Antonio condominium. Hence, this should give you added sense of security knowing that the place is going to be crime-free. Another government office, the Makati Central Post Office is also located close by. Meanwhile, foreign embassies are headquartered in this area of Makati.

One Antonio’s located along Sacred Heart in Makati means that you can get to various destinations within a few minutes. Whether you choose to walk or drive, you will enjoy the accessibility offered by its ideal location near the Makati CBD area. And yet, it is located on the quieter side of Makati so you will still get the peaceful refuge that you seek.


  • CEU - Makati (600 m)
  • FEU - Makati (800 m)
  • Mapua Institute of Technology (1.2 km)
  • Ateneo Center for Continuing Ed (1.3 km)
  • Asian Institute of Management (1.9 km)


  • Makati Medical Center (900 m)


  • Shrine of the Sacred Heart (130 m)
  • St. Andrews The Apostle Church (1.5 km)

Sports Clubs

  • Makati Gold Club Driving Range (650 m)
  • Makati Sports Club (1.3 km)

Govt offices / Embassies

  • Makati Central Police HQ (500 m)
  • Makati Central Post Office (550 m)
  • Australia, Canada, Germany Embassies (900 m)
  • France Embassy (1.3 km)
  • Thailand Embassy (2 km)
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